Virtual Bronze & Silver Exploration

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

& The Belouga Connected Learning Community

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Virtual Bronze & Silver Exploration

A global experience for young people achieving their goals and Award while at home!

Belouga and Breaking The Cycle are proud to launch a new virtual online Award platform to complete The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Virtual Bronze & Silver Exploration Adventurous Journey Section. The flexible program of the Award means that young people can still work towards achieving their goals and complete their Award while at home or if their mobility or engagement with others is restricted. Belouga has worked with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia to ensure the requirements for a VBE & VSE are being met.

The platform can be used for Bronze & Silver, and at this stage is available to be used in countries where COVID-19 public health measures restrict social engagement or physical activity outside the home.

Your Virtual Bronze & Silver Exploration

experience on Belouga includes:

Customized Journeys

Design your own Award Adventurous Journey Exploration using Belouga series and episodes.

Team Communication

Easily connect with other Award Participants in your AJ-VBE/AJ-VSE team

Program Tracking

Set your team goals and record your progress directly within your profile.

Award Recognition

Award completion can be used on post-secondary applications, scholarships, CV's and job applications.

Low Cost and Unbeatable Value

Our access fee starts from $14.99 per month. You can readily complete your VBE or VSE within 1 or 2 months

Global Resources

Access to over 50,000 hours of interactive content to customise your VBE or VSE