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As a free web application, Belouga offers a direct pathway for students to learn through their peers all over the world.

We Support

Belouga provides a platform for students to help schools around the world get materials and supplies that they need.

We Connect

Belouga leads the Global Education initiative by linking classrooms all over the world and teaches students about culture, teamwork, and empathy.

The Belouga Program

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Jairus Makambi

Cheery Education Centre - Nairobi, Kenya

"Belouga has increased communication skills, confidence, tolerance and empathy amongst our students. They have learned that no matter how near or far someone is, we all have commonalities, and that what they can accomplish is far greater by working and collaborating together."

Bronwyn Joyce

Liddiard Rd PS - Victoria, Australia

"Belouga has enabled my students to share their lives with the world. Quick and easy for students to navigate around, Belouga provides a platform for all the worlds classrooms to collaborate together. The concept of donating points to a school in need has made my students think about the needs of others and teaches them to have empathy for others. Our class LOVES Belouga!"

Rhett Oldham

Ste Genevieve Middle School, Missouri USA

"Global Collaborations are an integral part of my class and Belouga provides an excellent platform for my students to connect all over the world. Belouga is so user friendly and intuitive so my students are eager to use the site. The questions are geared towards students' interest so they are talking and comparing responses with their classmates while they are answering them. Belouga is FUN along with the overall mission of inclusiveness built in."


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