Behind the Brackets: College Basketball's March Madness Series

Researching the Colleges

Researching the Colleges

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An Original Educational Series by Belouga & Marjorie Miller

Subjects Covered: Research, Physical Education, Culture

There are 337 universities that are Division 1 colleges in the United States, all eligible to make the college basketball March Madness Tournament. Only 64 will end up making the tournament, with 1 winner crowned at the end of a crazy few weeks of college basketball. Who's your pick to be crowned champion?

About Marjorie Miller

Hi, I am Marjorie Miller from Fredericksburg PA. I currently teach K-5 gifted education. I love my job, because we are able to be curious and explore! My gifted program is not bound to the curriculum, but to the state standards. This gives me so much freedom and opportunity for innovation at all times. I have two beautiful boys at home and an awesome husband! I am currently a freelance writer for Scholastic's DynaMath magazine. I create their problem of the month. This magazine is geared towards 3-5 grade math. I love it because it connects math to the real world and brings the concepts to life!

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