The Human Condition Series

Social Contract Theory

Social Contract Theory

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An Original Educational Series by Belouga & Trevor Aleo

Subjects Covered: Philosophy, Ethics, Government

At some point in our human history, we decided that we'd be better off working in groups. That realization spawned a whole lot of philosophizing, theorizing, and debate on how, why, and for what purpose humans function in groups. Today's Deep Dive will explore some of the foundation of what is known as "Social Contract Theory."  Do humans work together because they value equality? Or because they're afraid of their neighbor? Are the best leaders ones who rule through fear or through the promise of mutual benefit? Each of the contract theories we review today will offer some insight in to these questions and continue to improve our understanding of ourselves and the world.

About Trevor Aleo

I'm an English teacher in the DC suburbs. I received my MA in teaching from James Madison University in 2014 and have a passion for innovation, finding the intersection of pop culture and pedagogy, and incessantly asking my students “Why?” You can find me pontificating on the state of American culture and education on Twitter @MrAleoSays.

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