The Hero Within Us All Series

Good vs Evil: The Power of Perspective with Perseus and Medusa

Good vs Evil: The Power of Perspective with Perseus and Medusa

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An Original Educational Series by Belouga & Rachel Gibbs

Subjects Covered: Literature, Ancient Civilizations, Greek Mythology, Global Citizenship, Perspective, Heroes

In this episode we will explore the common literary trope of "good vs evil." We often buy in to the idea of a clear cut good guy and bad guy when reading literature, thinking about global issues, and interacting with others in our own lives. In this episode we will challenge this idea, and explore the power of perspective. 

About Rachel Gibbs

I am a gifted specialist in Madison Alabama. I feel my passion and purpose is to help activate global citizens with the 21st century skills they need to make a positive impact on our future world. I hope to be a conduit through which my students can explore the world, make discoveries about their own identity, and develop their own passion and purpose. Through the use of meaningful technology and immersion into deep learning units revolving around big concepts and the use or problems solving and critical thinking, I hope to prepare my students to be the best kind of future leaders.

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