Belouga Case Study

The new version of a rockstar

What if a teacher wasn't bound by their location?

Meet Maria and Renee.

Two 4th Grade teachers at PIKE Road Elementary School in Pike Road, Alabama. They have embraced global education by having their students connect, communicate and collaborate with classrooms and projects around the world in Belouga, with a large focus on Impact driven education.

As local innovators, Maria and Renee's students thrived with global education and Belouga, but they both wanted to be able to share this experience with classrooms throughout their entire school.

a local presentation...

Supported by their school's leadership and innovation team, Maria and Renee presented at a Belouga Global Summit event, providing attendees with strategies and programs to bring the world into their own classroom.

The event had attendees from the PIKE school district, along with educators, administrators and organizations from across the state. Their session was highlighted by the learning outcomes, real-world skillsets and awareness that their students acquired through the activities and connections, and how teachers can get started on their own global journeys immediately.

...leading to national and global influence.

Maria and Renee brought the world into their classroom, and in return ended up sharing their own methodologies and work out to the world.

Both educators have developed global followings within the Belouga platform, with students worldwide participating in their series.

Along with influencing and nurturing the educators in their own district, Maria and Renee are now sharing their learning practices with school districts throughout the state of Alabama and showcasing how teachers can become educational rockstars.

Do you feel the time has come to elevate your career beyond the classroom walls?