Social-Emotional Learning: Trends and Outlook

Joe Mullikin, Tia Luker-Putra, Gary Karlson, Ross Romano

Moderator Ross Romano, Managing Director of MindRocket Media Group, is joined by panelists Joe Mullikin, Gary Karlson, and Tia Luker-Putra for a conversation about their experiences and observations with respect to SEL over the past year. Joe and Gary are elementary school principals in the U.S. and Tia is a teacher in China. Topics discussed include the shifting SEL conversation in schools, the most essential skills to prioritize, how we close the gap between interest and implementation, and how to set the right tone through modeling (by both teachers and school leadership) and communication of objectives. Follow the panelists on Twitter: @joemullikin86 @gkarlsonjr @ThisIsAwesomeEd @RossBRomano

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