Social Impact

Through communication, the world becomes a better place.


During the months of September – December 2016, Belouga's beta program was launched. The goal of this program was to understand the value the platform can provide to teachers around the world looking to connect their students with students in different regions around the world.

Aside from learning from each other, one of the main goals of Belouga is to improve global education by providing supplies for schools in need. This is accomplished through student's earning points for their engagement on the platform. For the launch program, three schools were supported from around the world that desperately needed supplies, and a goal number of points were set to trigger these supplies.

Cheery Education Centre

Nairobi, Kenya

5 Wi-Fi Enabled Tablets

Project Naltar

Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

5 Youth Archery Sets

Disha  The Footpath School

Gujarat, India

8 Solar Lanterns