The Cheery Children Education Centre

  Nairobi, Kenya

 Building Supplies (22,000 Nails)

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About The Cause

Something as small as a nail can make a world of a difference.  Imagine what 22,000 nails can do!

Our friends at The Cheery Children Education Centre continue to inspire us with their passion and dedication to educating the youth in the region. The staff is focused on creating the best learning environment possible for the 400 students attending the school. As you can see from the pictures and video, the school building is need of repairs. The current structure is dangerous for both students and teachers, and creates a large hurdle for providing quality day-to-day education.

The goal, create a clean, safe and fun environment for the students with a new building! The staff at TCCEC has gathered local volunteers and a construction company to help tear down the old structure and build a brand new one. With this goal in mind, the school is need of support to make this dream a reality. This impact campaign will provide TCCEC with 22,000 nails for the entire structure of the building.

Thanks for all your help Belouga family!

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We're building a global ecosystem where students and teachers can connect, collaborate and learn from one another by identifying similarities and embracing differences through everyday communication that is fun and educational.

With the advancement of technology in the classroom, we saw an amazing opportunity to connect students from all over the world, regardless of timezones. Along with bringing students together, we also saw an opportunity to enhance student life around the world on a daily basis.

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Good luck with your new school from VI-3 at OOU Slavejko Arsov! We look forward to working with you! Please send us a picture of your class!

Grade: VII – 3

Nicholas Blandford | Eastern, Macedonia

on 11/29/17 11:15 AM

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We hope to see pictures of your new school up on Belouga VERY SOON! Happy Giving Tuesday from Angola, NY

Mrs. Hackbarth's Class

Mrs. Hackbarth | New York, United States

on 11/29/17 10:49 AM