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About The Cause

Forest Nation supports local schools in developing regions and teaches them everyday skills, along with their daily studies, to build a strong foundation for that child's future livelihood. One region that is a main focus for planting trees is Tanzania. Students in the region have currently done lessons on seed preparation, nursery establishment and nursery management. 

This campaign will provide students the ability to work on reforestation in a remote region of Tanzania, along with providing jobs for the local community in regards to caring for the trees and sourcing natural resources from these trees.

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About Forest Nation

Imagine if schools and organizations encouraged people to grow their own trees whilst fundraising. Imagine if companies did the same with their clients as a way to promote their own business, or with their employees as team motivation. It would cause a massive social and environmental impact around the world.

It’s fun and easy to grow your own trees, but even if you fail the first time you’ll learn a lot and you must keep trying. Growing and planting a tree is a symbolic and important act that we can all do, no matter who you are or where you live. You can plant the trees in your garden, community or local forest. You can transplant your trees to plant pots and keep them growing in doors. It will connect you with nature, and bring about positive changes in your daily activities.

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