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About The Cause

Founded in 2011, by then 11 year old Mallory Fundora, Project Yesu was formed out of a simple wish to help orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda.

Project Yesu provides some of the critical needs necessary to break the cycle of poverty – food and education. By connecting others worldwide with the passion we have for the children of Uganda – lives are being changed and hope is being sparked.

In 2014, Project Yesu started an education sponsorship program, to match sponsors from around the world with children in their program who were desperate for an education. Over the last 3 years, they have seen almost 300 children be gifted with education. They firmly believe that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and gives our kids a chance at a future.

Now, their ultimate goal is for Project Yesu to open its own school. A place where the children in the village they serve can get a good, quality education without having to leave their community. Over the years they have been meeting with organizations, visiting schools and researching education in Uganda to learn all they can to create the best learning environment for our kids.

During Mallory's most recent trip to Uganda, a plot of land was found and she shared with him what Project Yesu does, and what the plans are for the land. He agreed to sell the land to create the new school! This impact campaign will help provide resources for the school to be built and a place where the community can learn for generations to come.

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