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Mpasatia Methodist Primary School is located in Mpasatia, a suburb of Atwima Mponua district in the Ashanti of Ghana. The school was founded over twenty years ago, and has three sections; Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High School. There is a total of 600 students in the school with 20 teachers.

While the school has extremely passionate students who perform well on oral exams and sports, they lack the everyday resources needed to excel the education program. Mpasatia Methodist has no ICT lab, and have very little access to wifi and computer access. With that said, the school needs to rely on traditional materials to provide their students with the best educational experience possible. The core foundation of this is paper. By providing notebooks to students at Mpasatia, they will be able to record class sessions, take notes and study both in and out of the classroom. 

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With the advancement of technology in the classroom, we saw an amazing opportunity to connect students from all over the world, regardless of timezones. Along with bringing students together, we also saw an opportunity to enhance student life around the world on a daily basis.

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We hope you get your notebooks VERY SOON! We hope will learn a lot using them and find JOY in coming to school everyday!

Mrs. Crupe

Mrs. Crupe | New York, United States

on 12/01/17 11:28 AM

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We are glad to support your school! We hope that the notebooks help many of your students to learn more! We hope you reach your goal VERY SOON!

Mrs. Crupe/D'Orazio

Mrs. Crupe | New York, United States

on 12/01/17 10:57 AM