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About The Cause

Mensajeros de la Paz is an international non-profit organization that for more than 50 years has been working for the benefit of socially vulnerable populations in 50 countries.

Mensajeros de la Paz Peru was created in 1992, with the mission of contributing to the human and social development of children and the elderly. At the beginning, it creates functional homes to welcome children and young people who live in neglect due to serious family problems.

As of 1996, the work is carried out in a Day Center located in the district of Chorrillos, where an average of 200 boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12 are attended each year, attending the Public School and coming from human settlements characterized by precarious family, social and educational conditions, situations of abandonment and daily violence.

The Center receives children approximately four hours a day, in two shifts, depending on whether they attend school in the morning or in the afternoon. They are provided with food, educational and psychological support, seeking a permanent relationship with families and the community.

The educational actions are mainly aimed at improving basic skills in mathematics and communication and general learning skills. Some difficulties in this task are the heterogeneity of the students in the same classroom, the lack of educational technological resources and the insufficient updating of the educators.

To improve our intervention in the educational area, we have defined as a priority objective to introduce ICT, as a dynamic and playful resource that helps to reinforce specific learning processes, in a group and individual way. To fulfill this objective we require that educators have the appropriate technological equipment to work with students in the classroom and for their own update.

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