Centre Presbytérian d'Amour des Jeunes

  Kigali, Rwanda

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About The Cause

CPAJ is an orphanage and child rehabilitation center that was created in response to the Rwandan Genocide that left a multitude of orphaned children in the streets. Today children go on the streets due to poverty, abuse, and family violence, among other reasons. 9-13 year old children are frequently found drinking on the street by CPAJ social workers. The purpose of CPAJ is to keep these children safe, healthy and educated while aiming to restore hope in them and return them to a family.

CPAJ is supported by the International Sports and Music Project, which creates sports and music opportunities as a means of connecting and empowering children in vulnerable communities around the world. ISMP believes in a world where children living in vulnerable communities around the world have opportunities to enjoy all the benefits of participating in a sports or music program.

CPAJ's partnership with ISMP is a pivotal piece of restoring hope in children and showing them that life can be enjoyable and empowering. We've crafted custom sports and music programs to cater to the passions of the kids. The kids are now outfitted with basketball sneakers and jerseys; they have guitars and keyboards for music lessons; they will soon have speakers and dance outfits; what they need now are reliable and relatable teachers to provide instruction and motivation into sports and music practice sessions. 

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