Butonge A.C.K Primary School

  Bumgoma, Kenya

 3 Tablets & 2 Months Wifi

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About The Cause

Butonge school is a mixed school located in Bungoma, Kenya. Being a rural school, the current connectivity to internet and available resources to upgrade this system is minimal. The school has an enrollment of 1,300 pupils who are in need of developing technology skills to advance their education. The teachers at Butonge are determined to give their students the best education possible and need additional resources aside from their handful of XO laptops and one teacher PC to participate in distance learning, sharing of cultural ideas and behaviors.

Even with the limited resources, a few students have already been able to connect with other students around the world and have experienced global collaboration first hand. This campaign will now give them the ability to connect on a daily basis, instead of having to relay on slow internet service that consumes a large amount of time in the classroom.

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About Belouga

We're building a global ecosystem where students and teachers can connect, collaborate and learn from one another by identifying similarities and embracing differences through everyday communication that is fun and educational.

With the advancement of technology in the classroom, we saw an amazing opportunity to connect students from all over the world, regardless of timezones. Along with bringing students together, we also saw an opportunity to enhance student life around the world on a daily basis.

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We are so excited to help you! We hope you enjoy your tables and wifi! Have fun learning!


Mrs. Wunder | New York, United States

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We are very excited to help you help you get your tablets and wifi! Enjoy learning!


Mrs. Wunder | New York, United States

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