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Alsyed Model School is based in the rural area of Peshawar, Pakistan. Peshawar has been a region of high conflict in the past few years with terrorism and extremism. The majority of schools in the area have been bombed of destroyed by terrorist who are against education, especially that of young girls. On December 16, 2014 group of militant attacked an Army public school in Peshawar and killed 148 students and teacher, with over 200 more being injured. After this attacked, the citizens of Peshawar were afraid to send their children to schools. There is still fear in the region, but thanks to schools like the Alsyed Model School there is hope.

The school currently has 300 students enrolled between the ages of 5-13. They offer free education, books and uniform to those children whose parents can not afford the expenses of their education. AMS has limited resources and the pupils are in need of developing technology skills to advance their educational learning. The tablets will be an extremely valuable tool for students and teachers to connect with the world and understand the international themes of education, love and peace.  Being a rural school, the students are unaware about the world. They have no access to connect with the modern world and are deprived of the use of modern technologies.

Even with the limited resources, the school has won the British Council International School Award in 2016. We want Peace We want to Read and we want to stand with the World.

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