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Devki Emukutan Primary School

Devki Emukutan is a school in a village in the middle of the Amboseli Ecosystem, extremely close to the Tanzania-Kenya border. There is no internet connection in the school and the local mobile connection is not available, which makes it difficult for the teachers and their students to communicate and learn from others. A connection to wifi and the local mobile network is of great importance and a necessity for the school. This will increase the students educational experience, as most of them have never seen or used a tablet to connect with the world. It will enable them to be computer literate, sharpen their knowledge on places around the world and share their own stories with other students. 

  1 Year of Mobile Data

Loitokitok, Kenya

150,000of 150,000 goal

100% Complete

Atsikana Pa Ulendo Secondary School

Atsikana Pa Ulendo (APU) is a girls’ secondary school located in Lilongwe Rural West (Lilongwe, Malawi). It is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide high quality education to girls from the rural areas of Malawi who would otherwise be unable to continue with their education due to lack of financial support. The school began in 2008. In the region, the majority of girls drop out of school after receiving free primary education. They are devalued and deemed unworthy of financial support because of gender-bias. With 50.7% of Malawians living below the poverty level, education fails to be seen as a priority.Girls lucky enough to avoid becoming orphans are expected to aid their family with childcare, food gathering, and household chores. With 80% of Malawians living in rural areas and 90% relying on agriculture for their livelihood, families cannot afford to consider future potential of these girls when short-term survival is at risk.Most girls experience sexual harassment and assault from male peers and teachers by as early as Grade 5. Cultural practices often push girls into early, isolated, and abusive marriages, followed by complicated childbearing and a vulnerability to illness—especially HIV/AIDS. Ultimately, the cycle of poverty is perpetuated down each generation.Thus far, seven classes have graduated from APU. Some of the graduates are still in university, others have landed jobs in different companies, nonprofit organizations and the government sector while others are running their own small businesses. Furthermore, some of them have found an opportunity to study abroad, specifically in North America. As a school, they face many challenges, one of them is having an insufficient number of books. Due to the current changes to the curriculum, there is a need for new books. Such shortages are making the teaching and the learning process significantly inefficient and ineffective. 

  3 Textbooks

Lilongwe, Malawi

41,690of 125,000 goal

33% Complete

Haiti Projects

We have teamed up with the Haiti Project to support 40 schools in the Haiti region that are under resourced with technology, and recently faced a bigger challenge when Hurricane Matthew tore through the island. Through its community library, Haiti Projects is able to design and implement programs for all surrounding schools in the region.Once per month, Haiti Projects takes its club house program (Club Lakay) on the road, visiting the most rural areas to work on literacy with children preschool and elementary ages. Each Club Lakay mobile program attracts as many as 60 children in these rural communities who spend Saturday mornings reading, playing games, singing and dancing. With chromebooks, Haiti Projects will be able to expand its programing, traveling to local schools to work on computer literacy skills in the region, as well as offering a variety of skills building programs at the local community library.During Hurricane Matthew, the Haiti Projects Library roof sustained major damage as a result of the hurricane. Over 800 books were lost and the faculty needed to close the library book lending for a period of a couple of months in order to raise funds to fix the roof. The Library's cyber cafe also had a hard time functioning because one of the cell phone towers sustained damage and internet from the local providers was not working well. Now, almost 4 months later, the library has a new roof but there is a major need to ramp up the internet service for their programs. Interestingly enough, teachers in the region have found that kids were flocking to the library as a safe haven after the storm, looking for programs and support as their families wrestled with home and roof damage.

  3 Chromebooks

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

250,000of 250,000 goal

100% Complete

Nurmakhan Tursynbekov School

Nurmakhan Tursynbekov School, located in the rural area of South Kazakhstan, has many challenges due to the low enrollment and qualified educators in the region. This has forced the school to combine classes to teach several age groups together, and therefore requires a distinct method of orchestrating lessons. The school is situated in a remote rural location, the majority of the families in this community do not have large enough income to give the children access to educational opportunities beyond the village. The majority of families in the area are large, with limited income. The students in the school have little access to technology, which means that their choices of education and employment are limited. The 78 students enrolled in the school would benefit greatly from technology access, specifically tablets in the classroom. Teaching will become more exciting and effective through the addition of technology and really be able to provide each student with the ability to learn at their proper level and connect with the world.

  3 Tablets

South Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan

33,900of 90,000 goal

37% Complete

L&A Memorial Academy

L&A Memorial Academy is a Privately Funded Educational Institution in Accra, Ghana that provides Nursery, Pre-School, and Junior Secondary School (JSS) education. We are dedicated to providing quality and affordable education to children of all races, tribes, faiths, nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds. The school is committed to the following:Rigorous early instruction in the English language, which is the working and common language in Ghana, to better breakdown tribal and ethnic cloistering, and to promote unity and trust.Rigorous early instruction in the French language, which along with English, is the working and common language throughout most of Africa to better promote communication, understanding, trust, and unity;Intensive education in the Environmental Sciences to produce citizens who will become Stewards of the Environment wherever they might live;Intensive education in the Technical Subjects to better prepare our students for career opportunities.Provide a conducive environment for all around moral, ethical and spiritual development of the student to strive for the highest quality of citizenship with a sense of decency, civility and open-mindedness and the love for peace.

  3 Tablets & 2 Months Wifi

Accra, Ghana

150,000of 150,000 goal

100% Complete

The Prince and Princess Academy

The Prince and Princess Academy Building Project Team, united globally for the shared vision of providing an academic environment in Tamale, Ghana, that is affordable for lower-class constituents who otherwise are unable to send their children to schools due to excessive education fees. The intent of this project is to create a six-class building to educate and develop the prospective leaders of this brilliant country. The academy us currently working on the structure of the building through pipeline creation and the molding of blocks. This campaign will go directly to providing resources and equipment for this process, with 1 truck load of sea-sand and 10 bags of cement.Education is said to be the channel through which countries develop. The essence of education in this era of globalization and international development cannot be over emphasized. If education is so important in the life of a human being, then why it is that most young people in Ghana and especially Tamale-Kunyavilla in the northern region of Ghana do not have full access to quality education. Notwithstanding the fact that the constitution of the Republic of Ghana demands Government to provide “Free Compulsory Basic Education (FCUBE)”, little has been done by successive Governments to achieve this constitutional mandate. It is against this background that we thought of setting up a very low cost alternative to providing quality basic education for the deprived community called “Kunyavilla” and its environs. Kunyavilla is located in the Tamale north constituency in Ghana. Access to basic education in this area is very hard for most parents due to high school fees. Research conducted by most civil society groups indicates that the people are willing to send their youths to school but are put off by the exorbitant fees charged by the good schools in the Metropolis. The construction of this six class room block and a library will therefore be aimed at bridging this gap by providing quality education.Every contribution brings the academy closer to achieving an environment where a child is not denied his or her future due to high fees. 

  1 truck load of sea-sand & 10 bags of cement

Tamale, Ghana

125,000of 125,000 goal

100% Complete

Butonge A.C.K Primary School

Butonge school is a mixed school located in Bungoma, Kenya. Being a rural school, the current connectivity to internet and available resources to upgrade this system is minimal. The school has an enrollment of 1,300 pupils who are in need of developing technology skills to advance their education. The teachers at Butonge are determined to give their students the best education possible and need additional resources aside from their handful of XO laptops and one teacher PC to participate in distance learning, sharing of cultural ideas and behaviors.Even with the limited resources, a few students have already been able to connect with other students around the world and have experienced global collaboration first hand. This campaign will now give them the ability to connect on a daily basis, instead of having to relay on slow internet service that consumes a large amount of time in the classroom.

  3 Tablets & 2 Months Wifi

Bumgoma, Kenya

150,000of 150,000 goal

100% Complete

Cheery Education Centre

The Cheery Children Education Centre (CCEC) is located in the heart of Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya at Mashimoni. The founder of CCEC could not ignore the plight of vulnerable and destitute children in the slum who to some extent are neglected and abandoned thus fail to get the basic vital need Education. They are a small educational institution offering humanitarian assistance and caring for the needs of the poverty stricken children in Nairobi's Kibera slum, the largest slum in Africa by population and size. This is where these children learn to know the value of a family in which they are cared for, loved and educated until such a time they will be able to take care of themselves and their own future families in the society.Profound poverty, competition for scarce resources, disease, conflict, addictions and lack of educational opportunities put these children at extreme risk for illiteracy, illness, hopelessness, abuse and the meager resources accessible is the common definition of the urban poor child living in the Kenyan slums. Few opportunities exist for the children of Kibera and surrounding slums that allow them to learn and grow to their potential. This featured campaign provides something many of us take for granted on a daily basis, clean water. By having this covered, the administration at CCEC can focus on what they do best, teach, instead of raising donations to cover clean water delivery.

  Clean Water (3 Month Supply)

Nairobi, Kenya

100,000of 100,000 goal

100% Complete

Code to Inspire

Founded in 2015, Code to inspire (CTI) is an after-school program and nonprofit organization that is the first coding school for girls in Herat, Afghanistan. The organization was created due to problems in the country regarding education for young women. This included:-Girls in Afghanistan lacking safe places to study and learn.-Girls in Afghanistan lacking employment opportunities, specifically in technology.-Cultural stereotypes among conservative families and extremists making if difficult to educate the female population throughout the country. CTI aims to educate Afghan women with in-demand programming skills, empower them to add unique values to their communities, and inspire them to strive for financial and social independence. CTI currently provides a safe education environment for 50 female students aged 15-25 years old. CTI's goal is to empower half of the Afghanistan population through education to improve the economy and put under-served women on a path to financial independence.

  1 Month of Internet Access For 50 Students

Herat, Afghanistan

66,475of 100,000 goal

66% Complete

Camp Cambodia: “My Grandfather’s School Project”

“My Grandfather’s School Project” is an education initiative based in Kralanh District, Cambodia, started by the youth travel and impact organization Camp Cambodia. In 2013, the school was closed due to lack of funds. This left 250 children without a place to get an education and be kids. Enter Camp Cambodia, who reopened the school with the help from locals in the region along with volunteers from around the world. At the moment the school employs teachers on a monthly basis, who educate the local children. However, they strive to provide English classes, as it’s a very important skill to have in such a tourist driven area. By having access to technology and equipment such as projectors, screens, computers and tablets, the teachers will be able to really improve the quality of education provided, with access to significantly more resources. Not only this, but the organizations volunteers from all over the world, will then be able to provide free interactive English classes to the children on a weekly basis from remote locations, giving them a significant advantage in their educational development. The outcomes of this simple action can be incredible!Increased access to learning resourcesImproved /more engaging teaching methodsAccess to live interactive English classes from global volunteersAccess to the Belouga network to connect and collaborate with the world As the school is in such a remote area it will make a vital positive impact. Many young adults in the area are forced to travel to neighboring countries, seeking employment, where they are often exploited while working in unsafe environments. We hope that improving education will deter this and provide a significant advantage when finding employment within Cambodia. By providing these simple tools to the school will not only have an impact in the classroom, but greatly impact the overall lifestyle of the locals in this region.

  5 Tablets

Kralanh District, Cambodia

150,000of 150,000 goal

100% Complete

Tanzania Reforestation

Forest Nation supports local schools in developing regions and teaches them everyday skills, along with their daily studies, to build a strong foundation for that child's future livelihood. One region that is a main focus for planting trees is Tanzania. Students in the region have currently done lessons on seed preparation, nursery establishment and nursery management. This campaign will provide students the ability to work on reforestation in a remote region of Tanzania, along with providing jobs for the local community in regards to caring for the trees and sourcing natural resources from these trees.

  2,000 Trees


200,000of 200,000 goal

100% Complete

Mpasatia Methodist Primary School

Mpasatia Methodist Primary School is located in Mpasatia, a suburb of Atwima Mponua district in the Ashanti of Ghana. The school was founded over twenty years ago, and has three sections; Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High School. There is a total of 600 students in the school with 20 teachers.While the school has extremely passionate students who perform well on oral exams and sports, they lack the everyday resources needed to excel the education program. Mpasatia Methodist has no ICT lab, and have very little access to wifi and computer access. With that said, the school needs to rely on traditional materials to provide their students with the best educational experience possible. The core foundation of this is paper. By providing notebooks to students at Mpasatia, they will be able to record class sessions, take notes and study both in and out of the classroom. 

  100 Notebooks

Mpasatia, Ghana

120,000of 120,000 goal

100% Complete

Cheery Children Education Centre

The Cheery Children Education Centre (CCEC) is located in the heart of Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya at Mashimoni. The founder of CCEC could not ignore the plight of vulnerable and destitute children in the slum who to some extend are neglected and abandoned thus fail to get the basic vital need Education. They are a small educational institution offering humanitarian assistance and caring for the needs of the poverty stricken children in Nairobi's Kibera slum, the largest slum in Africa by population and size. This is where these children learn to know the value of a family in which they are cared for, loved and educated until such a time they will be able to take care of themselves and their own future families in the society.Profound poverty, competition for scarce resources, disease, conflict, addictions and lack of educational opportunities put these children at extreme risk for illiteracy, illness, hopelessness, abuse and the meager resources accessible is the common definition of the urban poor child living in the Kenyan slums. Few opportunities exist for the children of Kibera and surrounding slums that allow them to learn and grow to their potential. By providing tablets to the school it gives their students the ability to connect to the outside world and learn that through education anything is possible.

  5 Tablets

Nairobi, Kenya

166,600of 166,600 goal

100% Complete

Project Naltar

Project Naltar started as a volunteer program in 2013 with a view to improve the standard of education in Naltar, a small village in Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. The village had come to limelight in 2010 when one of the local boys shot to fame by becoming the first winter Olympian for his country.In its first year, the volunteers mainly supplemented the teaching effort in the existing schools with volunteers honour university students. The project has undergone a radical change since then in its approach to achieve its goal. Currently ten full time teachers, including a fully trained Montessori teacher and one male teacher for basic religious training, and a helper have been engaged to conduct the classes. Local Health Department has been kind enough to allow the use of its two abandoned buildings. The school, which formally started off on 2nd May, 2015 stopped admissions just ten days after its opening. At 90 kids, the project ran out of space, and had to regretfully turn back new arrivals. This year, the school opened its doors for admission on 15th March, 2016 with a total of 194 students, all receiving a completely free education. With this education each child receives stationary/writing materials, books, wool socks and caps, hygiene kit and incentive gifts for regular attendance.

  10 Soccer Balls

Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

166,600of 166,600 goal

100% Complete

The Cheery Children Education Centre

Something as small as a nail can make a world of a difference.  Imagine what 22,000 nails can do!Our friends at The Cheery Children Education Centre continue to inspire us with their passion and dedication to educating the youth in the region. The staff is focused on creating the best learning environment possible for the 400 students attending the school. As you can see from the pictures and video, the school building is need of repairs. The current structure is dangerous for both students and teachers, and creates a large hurdle for providing quality day-to-day education.The goal, create a clean, safe and fun environment for the students with a new building! The staff at TCCEC has gathered local volunteers and a construction company to help tear down the old structure and build a brand new one. With this goal in mind, the school is need of support to make this dream a reality. This impact campaign will provide TCCEC with 22,000 nails for the entire structure of the building.Thanks for all your help Belouga family!

  Building Supplies (22,000 Nails)

Nairobi, Kenya

100,000of 100,000 goal

100% Complete

Divine Mercy School

Movein School is a private primary,nursery and kindergarten school that is located in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria. The school gives an opportunity for parents to enroll their kids with affordable school fees, which is crucial in the region.The students have minimal access to technology devices in the classroom and will be able to connect and learn with the world by having to tablets in the classroom. Our school believes connecting is one of the best ways to learn, as many of the children who attend our school have not had the ability to leave the state of Lagos in the past.  By connecting through Belouga with tablets, we will be able to provide a global perspective to our students, showcasing life around the world while sharing our own culture and community.

  5 Tablets

Lagos, Nigeria

108,200of 150,000 goal

72% Complete

Refugee Dream Center

The Refugee Dream Center (RDC) is a non-profit post resettlement refugee organization based in Providence, Rhode Island. It offers customized services targeting the refugee community to ensure continuation of services in their efforts towards self-sufficiency and integration. The Refugee Dream Center does referrals, social level assistance, and skills development such as cultural orientation, mental health support services, after-school programs, role modeling and mentoring for youth. In addition, the Refugee Dream Center is a strong advocacy agency for the rights of refugees.The Refugee Dream Center serves 50-60 individuals per year on average, not including refugee community members that receive in-kind donations. The countries of origin served currently include (but are not limited to): Afghanistan, Angola, Bhutan, Burundi, The Central African Republic, The Democratic Republic Congo, Ecuador, Eritrea, The Gambia, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Liberia, Mauritania, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria & Uganda. One of the major components of the refugee center is an after-school program that provides students from these countries the opportunity to learn English. With that in mind, the organizations goal is to provide the Center with the tools they need to educate as many refugee children as possible and provide them a bright future in America.

  30 Binders & 5 ESL textbooks

Rhode Island, United States

150,000of 150,000 goal

100% Complete

Disha – The Footpath School

Disha – The Footpath School is an NGO teaching slum kids who cannot afford to go to school in Gujarat, India. Our volunteer teachers go to local slums and teach the children fun and valuable life skills, while exposing them to everyday occurrences to build a wider knowledge of their community.We at Disha strongly believe that with the right nurture and caring we may be able to transform the lives of some of these children, helping them become self- reliant, stable and opening doors for them to opportunities in life which many of us frankly take for granted. Our goal is really simple, do our best to kindle these little souls and nurture their minds and brains just like what our school did for us.

  8 Solar Lanterns

Gujarat, India

166,600of 166,600 goal

100% Complete

Alsyed Model School

Alsyed Model School is based in the rural area of Peshawar, Pakistan. Peshawar has been a region of high conflict in the past few years with terrorism and extremism. The majority of schools in the area have been bombed of destroyed by terrorist who are against education, especially that of young girls. On December 16, 2014 group of militant attacked an Army public school in Peshawar and killed 148 students and teacher, with over 200 more being injured. After this attacked, the citizens of Peshawar were afraid to send their children to schools. There is still fear in the region, but thanks to schools like the Alsyed Model School there is hope.The school currently has 300 students enrolled between the ages of 5-13. They offer free education, books and uniform to those children whose parents can not afford the expenses of their education. AMS has limited resources and the pupils are in need of developing technology skills to advance their educational learning. The tablets will be an extremely valuable tool for students and teachers to connect with the world and understand the international themes of education, love and peace.  Being a rural school, the students are unaware about the world. They have no access to connect with the modern world and are deprived of the use of modern technologies.Even with the limited resources, the school has won the British Council International School Award in 2016. We want Peace We want to Read and we want to stand with the World.

  5 Tablets

Peshawar, Pakistan

150,000of 150,000 goal

100% Complete

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